About Us

Our Vision

Compute.AI’s vision is to make compute abundant and infinitely scalable by unlocking the full power of billions of underutilized processors.

The technology industry’s deep carbon footprint primarily stems from power requirements of servers in the cloud and server farms. Relational computation is key to solving problems that have causality; where millions of things are related to billions of things, and then progressively more relationships need to be resolved to find answers as problems get harder.

Databases and data warehouses of the yesteryear, or their modern day counterparts, address business problems with little consideration to resource utilization while locking businesses into their expensive proprietary silos. The hidden cost of running a business is substantially higher as the result of a problem that hides in plain sight—silent business emissions—much like CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases, that negatively impact businesses as well as our planet.


At Compute.AI, we are working toward the goal of net-zero carbon for data processing technologies that are powered and propelled by 100% open standards based relational compute algorithms that are innately AI & ML.

We aim to change the game by bringing data processing technologies that dissipate 10-100x fewer watts for doing relational computation and create value for businesses by lowering their cloud costs by ~5x. We promote open platforms with no vendor lock-in to rapidly help connect innovation with more innovation.

Green is not just being environmentally conscious and doing something about it, but also a good business model to build the future we desire for generations to come.

Our Team

Joel Inman

Joel Inman


Joel Inman is a serial entrepreneur and an early-stage technology & strategy leader with a passion for deep tech and AI. Joel led strategy for Fusion-io, growing from <$10M in revenue over four years to a $2 billion IPO, with responsibilities including partnerships, strategic marketing,  market research (Gartner & IDC), M&A ( ioTurbine & NexGen Storage), and investor relations. Joel’s past experiences also include Lexicon Travel Technologies (founded, raised VC funding, and scaled to $30 million in bookings), Leisure Link (Chief Product Officer), Upper Limit Aviation (Executive Vice President Finance & Operations)and Robert W. Baird (investment banking).

Vikram Joshi

Vikram Joshi


As a serial entrepreneur and coder, Vikram’s technical background spans multiple disciplines such as databases, operating systems, parallel and distributed systems, AI/ML, storage, video streaming, and computer graphics. His company ioTurbine specialized in software to accelerate storage using SSDs (acquired by Fusion-io). Xcalar, a relational compute platform, was used by top-tier Wall St. banks and financial institutions. PixBlitz Studios developed AI/ML based live video advertising technology for broadcast sports and entertainment. His work at Oracle included doubling database performance on 12 to 64 way SMPs, and laying the foundation, architecting, and shipping Oracle’s flagship product, Exadata. Prior to that Vikram worked on video-on-demand and game servers at Silicon Graphics. At Sun Microsystems, he worked on the Solaris virtual memory subsystem and the Spring Microkernel (Sunlabs). He holds an MS (Hons.) in Physics from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India. Vikram’s social good causes include eliminating violence against women. He loves rock climbing, trail running, mountain biking, riding dirt & sport bikes, and guitar.

Investors & Board Members

Venktesh Shukla

Venktesh Shukla

Founder & Managing Partner at Monta Vista Capital

Prabhu Goel

Prabhu Goel

Founder and Creator of Verilog; Philanthropist


Anurag Gupta

Anurag Gupta

Founder/CEO, Shoreline.IO; Vice President, AWS

Our Culture

At Compute.AI, we are passionate about building. We believe we have a unique opportunity ahead of us to fundamentally change our space. We are driven to innovate.

Being builders, we understand that a core component to any construction is setting a strong foundation. Our people are at the core of our foundation and that is why we prioritize our team culture.

Our 7 Pillars of Wisdom

Bring No Egos – Our team comes from a variety of experience and backgrounds. Each provides deep insights to our team. We humbly learn from one another on a regular basis and do not treat those without prior knowledge in an area as less. We are students of life and constantly learning.

Be Kind – While many of our team members have personal community affiliations and causes we support, we simply want our team to be kind to one another.

Trust & Respect Others – We treat others as we would want to be treated.

Win as a Team – We know we are in this together. Our success is a function of our ability to work together.

Raise the Bar – We set high standards and hold high expectations for ourselves.

Create Positive Energy – We are a competitive team and believe in “complementary stress” that motivates and gets the best out of athletes. Positive energy is conducive to work.

Protect a Good Thing – It takes conscious effort to protect good values. Nothing comes for free. Difficult times require rich communication. A true test of a system is in distress. Communication during the lows takes courage, putting aside our egos, and is key to building trust.