Agentic Compute (TM)


Supercharge Your Compute for Data Lake Analytics & AI


Dramatically reduce costs for Data Warehouses and Data Lakes

Accelerate your complex compute with unlimited concurrency

100% open standards (Iceberg/Parquet) with no vendor lock

Compute.AI’s vision is to make compute abundant and infinitely scalable

Seamless Integration


Solution #1: Compute.AI is a supercharger for Data Warehouses and Data Lakes.  We add value to OSS solutions (Spark, Presto/Trino) by accelerating complex and/or high concurrency SQL efficiently while preventing Out-of-Memory failures (called OOM-kills). Our solution provides a no-touch system without sacrificing performance (also available as a cloud service).

Solution #2: Compute.AI also provides an instant, starter data lake. Simply drop it in and get started within minutes. .Our solution seamlessly integrates with existing solutions and shares catalogs automatically, allowing the platforms to coexist and interoperate.


What You Get

Use Cases

  • Compute for BI
  • AI-driven semantic layer compute
  • Autonomous ELT
  • Compute as a Service available as a cloud offering


  • SQL directly on Parquet/Iceberg
  • ~10x performance for complex workloads
  • ~5x reduction in cloud infrastructure
  • Unlimited concurrency
  • Multi-Cloud, hybrid, on-prem
  • 100% open, no vendor lock-in

Deploy or Cloud SaaS

  • Deployment: Download GitHub container and deploy an elastic cluster of any size in less than 10 minutes
  • Cloud SaaS: Compute as a Service available on AWS (coming soon)

THE solution

Our Technology

The Problem

Today’s compute platforms make highly inefficient use of both CPU and Memory. 7 in 10 processor cores are sitting idle, and memory is massively over-provisioned for worst-case scenarios, resulting in performance degradation and exponential increases in cost as SQL becomes more complex and concurrency needs grow.

Learn how Compute.AI is purpose built to solve this challenge.

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