Serverless Compute for Lakehouse Analytics

Unlimited Concurrency

Complex SQL

Ultimate Efficiency

Get Ready for 1000x More AI-Generated SQL from AI-Driven BI, Autonomous Semantic Layer, and Low/No-Code Apps. Compute.AI’s Vision is to Make Compute Abundant and Infinitely Scalable, Just Like the Air we Breathe.

Seamless Integration

Where We Fit

Compute.AI seamlessly integrates with, and future-proofs, existing cloud data warehouses & lakehouses and is also able to build a new enterprise-grade lakehouse from entirely open-source components.


What You Get

Use Cases

  • BI Directly on the Lakehouse (Enterprise Grade & Reliable. No OOM kills)
  • AI generated BI (Future-proofed compute for AI integration)
  • Autonomous Semantic Layer Generation


  • 10x Performance for Complex Workloads
  • >5x Reduction in Cloud Infrastructure Spend
  • Unlimited Concurrency
  • Elastic Clusters; Leverage Spot Instances
  • Also Available on AWS EMR (Private Offering)
  • Multi-Cloud, Hybrid, On-Prem, Edge, Kubernetes
  • 100% Open, No Vendor Lock-in

How to Use

  • Downloadable Container
  • Deploy an Elastic Cluster of any Size in Less than 10 Minutes
  • Free Perpetual License for Single Node


Our Game-Changing Technology

Correcting Inefficiencies

Understanding the Need

Today’s compute platforms make highly inefficient use of both CPU and Memory. 7 in 10 processor cores are sitting idle, and memory is massively over-provisioned for worst-case scenarios, resulting in catastrophic performance degradation and exponential cost increases as SQL becomes more complex and concurrency needs grow.

Learn how Compute.AI purpose built to solve this challenge.